‘Role Play’ - Trailer, Cast, Release Date, and Everything We Know So Far

The action-packed thriller Role Play is going to give romantic comedies a deadly edge this January. 

Emma (Kaley Cuoco) and Dave Brackett (David Oyelowo) appear to be a totally regular family, living a normal and happy married existence.  

Even the most ordinary couples need to liven things up now and then, and Emma and Dave decide to do so on their anniversary night with some innocent roleplaying. 

What Dave probably didn't expect was that this night would show that Emma has been living a double life as a contract killer for quite some time, 

and those who know her are trying to uncover that secret, with terrible consequences. When Role Play premieres exclusively on Prime Video on Friday, January 12th,

Emma and Dave will celebrate their anniversary with murder and mayhem. The streaming platform's wide assortment of action-heavy programming will include Role Play. 

That goes double for the different superhero stories in the action genre, such as Samaritan, starring Sylvester Stallone, Invincible, 

a violent coming-of-age drama, and The Boys, a satirical super-thriller. Role Play will not be released in theaters, according to Amazon Studios.

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