Rewind the 2022 FIFA World Cup: A year has passed since Lionel Messi won the World Cup and finished football.

One year following one of the most exciting FIFA World Cup finals

Lionel Messi was the subject of panned cameras. Wasn't this supposed to be his night?

the accomplishment of a career that, up until that point, had won every team and individual trophy but one.

However, Messi's smile in the 81st minute was one of acceptance for the harsh reality. Would 2014 come around again?

Was it all going to come to an end after the brilliant showmanship he'd displayed on the field the entire tournament?

Was this another harsh reality check of sport not giving two hoots about a happy ending.

A few yards from him, the French players were wheeling away in celebration.

The flashbacks for Messi, Argentina, and their vociferous supporters in Doha and elsewhere must’ve been bone-chilling.

The script seemed eerily familiar to the heartbreaks they had endured in 2014, or 2015, even the year after.

Three major finals losses that had left Messi in tears, contemplating retirement.

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