Proposal Adds $120 Million Former All-Star to Miami Heat

When it comes to Pat Riley and Miami Heat trade rumors, we know that the past can sometimes predict the future. 

We've seen it with Kyle Lowry, a player the Heat had their eye on for a long time before signing him in free agency two years ago

 The same could be said for Kevin Love, another Heat target. Could that proclivity be seen in another Heat target, Hornets guard Gordon Hayward?

It's all speculation because we don't know whether Charlotte will accept the reality of their 7-18 record and begin selling veteran pieces,

 or if they'll continue to pretend that the playoffs are just around the corner. It has been the latter in recent years.

But we know Riley was once obsessed with bringing Hayward to Miami and nearly had him in free agency. Given the current makeup of the Heat roster, revisiting that possibility may be worthwhile.

"Gordon Hayward is a different player now, obviously, but one thing about Pat Riley, he does fixate, he has guys who once he likes them, 

 he kind of keeps trying to bring them in, even later in their careers," a member of the Eastern Conference said. 

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