Parasite Actor Lee Sun-kyun Dies From Drug Charges

Lee, 48, was found dead in a Seoul park automobile on Wednesday.

Multiple sources say Oscar-winning Parasite actor Lee Sun-kyun died. He was 48.

AP reports that Lee was found dead in a car in a Seoul park on Wednesday. 

Police were hunting for Lee after his family said he left a suicide note, according to the news agency.

Lee died at the scene after being found with a charcoal briquette in his passenger seat, according to Yonhap.

The Washington Post says his death is related to a narcotics inquiry.

He was questioned three times by police after allegedly using marijuana in the house of a Gangnam club hostess, according to Yonhap.

The Washington Post reported that Lee's lawyer disputed the charges.

Lee told Reuters that the hostess tried to blackmail him into taking the narcotics, and his most recent police questioning lasted 19 hours over the weekend.

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