Optical Illusion to Test Your IQ: Can You Spot the Mouse Hidden Among Rabbits in Picture within 15 Secs?

Test Your Intelligence with Optical Illusions: Optical illusions are visuals that defy the brain's perception of reality, often involving people, objects,

or drawings that bend and shape-shift. Physiological, mental, 

 and physical illusions are only a few of the several types of optical illusions. 

 A typical human brain can develop diverse perceptions depending on how it looks at objects or images, according to research.

 Due to their ability to reveal information about one's perceptions and intelligence, 

 these optical illusions are frequently included in psychoanalysis exams. This time

 we've created an elegant example of an optical illusion in which you have to identify the mouse lurking among the bunnies. 

This brainteaser picture up there is meant to be a challenge for both kids and adults alike. 

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