Optical Illusion To Test IQ: Can You Spot 3 Hidden Faces Within 9 Seconds?

IQ can also be tested via optical illusions. Some optical illusions are intended to test our perception and problem-solving abilities.

Some optical illusions, for example, require us to recognize hidden objects or patterns or to solve puzzles.

According to research, those with higher IQs are better at solving optical illusions. Higher IQ individuals are better at processing visual information and thinking outside the box.

A black-and-white illustration of a man with a huge nose is seen here. The man has a beard and is facing to the left. 

The task at hand is to locate three faces hidden in this optical image of a man. Can you find all of them in 9 seconds or less?

Because the faces are well veiled, the optical illusion is difficult to master. It's also difficult because the faces aren't drawn realistically.

Examine the image closely for any strange patterns or features. Make use of your logic and reasoning abilities.

People who can identify all three concealed faces in the photograph are often intelligent and problem solvers. They can also pay attention to detail and think outside of the box.

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