Optical illusion: Find the hidden cat in 13 seconds and you're a genius.

Optical illusions are amazing brain tricks. Some assist us discover our secret desires and personalities. Some will test your environmental awareness.

Only 1% of people can find the concealed cat in 13 seconds. You in the 1%?

Find out.This optical illusion shows a dog near an ancient tree with little leaves. This image's hidden cat is difficult to find.

Hidden cat is nearly impossible to see at first.

Only experts can find the hidden cat in this photograph. Find the hidden cat?

Hint 1: The dog does not hide the cat. Hint 2: The cat is not at the bottom.

Try gazing at the branches' tops for something. Time is limited.

Finding the cat is hard.

Those that found the cat deserve praise for their keen eyes.

You desire the cat's whereabouts and are waiting for the answer. Scroll down for the answer.

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