Optical Illusion: Can You Spot The Hidden Apple In Just 11 Seconds

Over the centuries, optical illusions have fascinated and puzzled people.

These simple visuals trick our brains into perceiving things that aren't there, revealing our visual system's biases. 

When you see an optical illusion, don't ignore it. Attempt to understand.

How much it helps your brain may surprise you.A confusing new challenge is circulating online. A basic cactus image hides a bizarre apple.

This requires exceptional eye acuity and an IQ like Einstein's to identify it in 11 seconds.

Those with high IQs and good vision can find the hidden apple. However, the others may need a second or third look. 

Never quit! Try to become a visual master by sharpening your mind and vision. This is the result! Will you accept the challenge? Start the countdown! 3...2...1....! 

Time to go! Did you find the secret apple? Found the hidden apple in 11 seconds or less? 

Congratulations! Visual acuity shows your smart thinking and observing skills.

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