Optical HD Challenge:If you can find a village lion in 9 seconds, you have HD eyes!

Optical Illusion Vision Test: HD vision can find the village lion in 9 seconds. May you? 

Take this challenge!Optical illusion photos are meant to fool the mind.

These illusions are one of the easiest IQ and attention tests.The painting above depicts a picturesque town with a pond.

The title says this picture has a hidden lion.

In 9 seconds, find the hidden lion?

Your time begins!

This easy challenge tests observation.

A lion is hidden in the photo. 

Visually gifted people will see the lion faster.

Time is ticking, hurry. And… Time up. Stop looking.

Did you see the lion? Readers who found the lion in time have the sharpest eyes.The solution for finding the lion is below.

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