On Food Network, Selena Gomez and Eric Adjepong host a New Year's Eve brunch.

In her most recent episode of "Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays," which will premiere on Thursday, December 21,   

on the Food Network, Selena Gomez is ringing in the new year with a tasty twist. Renowned chef Eric Adjepong makes an appearance in the episode,  

bringing his distinct and unusual flavors to Selena's kitchen for a brunch on New Year's Day. 

Expect an intriguing meal as Selena's culinary prowess is tested with delicacies like Malva Pudding, Scallop Benedict,  

Shrimp and Banana Grits, and Kusshi Oysters. The episode description reads, "Selena's skills are put to the test as she tackles Shrimp and Banana Grits, Scallop Benedict,   

Kusshi Oysters, and Malva Pudding."In the new series, Selena opens her house to celebrity chefs such as Michael Symon,  

Claudette Zepeda, and Alex Guarnaschelli. Together, they create beautiful Christmas meals for friends and family,   

sharing their culinary knowledge and favorite recipes. Selena's partnership with the famous chefs displays a fusion of various culinary customs and techniques. 

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