On December 17, 2023, 5 Zodiac Signs Will Have Beautiful Horoscopes

True friendship is more valuable than all the money and silver in the world. That is the mood and message of December 17, 2023. 

Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo, and Leo are the five zodiac signs that will profit the most from embracing this insight. 

First and foremost, with the Moon in Aquarius as the key astrological mover, we are urged to choose our companions and company wisely. 

The wrong individuals can easily persuade you to abandon your ambitions or bully you under the pretense of "pranks." 

In this case, feeling like an outcast is a blessing. It's your intuition telling you that you should leave and seek out your true soul tribe. 

The Moon in Leo opposing Lilith emphasizes this necessity by encouraging us to embrace our unconventional side and determine whether  

"unconventional" is truly terrible or just a term used to perpetuate wrongdoing as "convention." Wear your "unconventionality" with pride in this case.

So why not? Because Mercury Retrograde is still active in the sky, you may benefit from thinking on similar situations you've had in the past. 

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