Olivia Rodrigo Resolve Stomach Pain

Pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo recently announced a pricey smoothie collaboration with Erewhon, named "good 4 ur GUTS" after her latest album. 

Erewhon's $18 smoothie boasts organic fruits, kombucha, maca, sea buckthorn, and ION Gut Support, with part of the proceeds supporting women's healthcare through Rodrigo's #fund4good. 

In a taste test, the author navigates Erewhon's app to order the elusive smoothie, encountering fees and a total charge of $21.71. 

A cost analysis reveals individual ingredients totaling $182.09, emphasizing the smoothie's luxury status. 

Upon sipping, the predominant taste is Protein Chocolate Maca, with coconut cream shining as the standout ingredient. 

Despite its high price, the author finds satisfaction in the indulgence and notes a positive effect on their well-being. 

Reflecting on the experience, the author ponders the potential benefits of even more expensive smoothies, proposing a $112 Erewhon x Limitless smoothie with celebrity endorsement. 

The article concludes by highlighting Erewhon's unique position to explore consumer willingness to spend on health claims in the guise of celebrity-endorsed products. 

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