Olivia Dunne Starts Competitive Season Strong Despite USA Gymnastics Fall

Olivia Dunne needs to put one business on hold in order to focus on another. But, given her foresight, she has aligned both for the sake of her fans. 

As the LSU gymnast prepared to say farewell to her senior year, her final nail in the coffin had to be a game changer. So,  

in order to polish her maneuvers, the queen was present at the recent event in all her majesty. 

The LSU Tigers' team manager, who is 21 years old, is planning a comeback. Livvy goes full-throttle on her routine to make up for her fourth-place performance in the 2023 NCAA Championship. 

Missing holidays and family time to focus on her training was part of her plan, but some setbacks hampered her progress. She's back at it now, putting everything else aside. 

The four-month-long 2024 season will begin on January 5 and conclude on March 23. Gymnasts, however, will be unable to participate in the 2024 season unless they first complete Gymnastics 101.  

The event, which took place on Saturday, December 16, featured 50 acts. The 21-year-old began her immaculate floor skill demonstration at  

at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center. According to the Instagram post, her'season greetings' were accompanied by her stunning smile.

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