Olivia Dunne says “back to business,” prepping for 2024 NCAAs.

It has been confirmed that Olivia Dunne will be returning to the gymnastics arena in time for the 2024 NCAA season. 

On Saturday, December 16, 2023, the Pete Maravich Assembly Center in Louisiana played host to the opening event of the season for the LSU Tigers, which was known as Gym 101.

On January 5, 2024, the season will begin at Ohio State, and it will continue until March 23, 2024, when it will conclude at the home arena in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The season will last for a total of four months. As the season draws closer, the gymnasts, including Olivia Dunne, will be seen devoting their time to polishing their abilities in preparation for the competition.

In the course of Gym 101, Olivia Dunne gave the floor exercise his whole attention by performing two somersaults and finishing the program with a beautiful two-flip landing.

She was one of the fifty performances that the Tigers put on as a preview for the forthcoming season. 

Her routine was one of those performances. There were a total of 37 routines that were performed by nine different athletes during the performances.

A picture of her executing a routine on a balance beam was published by the social media sensation, and the caption that accompanied the picture read:

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