Old Shirtless Video Of Travis Kelce Is Going Viral

A shirtless video of Travis Kelce, a tight end with the Kansas City Chiefs, that was taken in the past is currently going popular on social media.

A video that Kelce posted in 2017 became viral, and he is currently dating Taylor Swift.

Kelce is showing off his shirtless body while he is at the spa. According to PEOPLE,

the steamy YouTube video, which was released by ESPN in July 2017, opens with Kelce demonstrating some

 his distinctive dancing skills while wearing a white robe and long, floppy hair. This is a significant departure from his current buzzcut.

It should come as no surprise that Kelce has witnessed a boom in his popularity, particularly among women.

A game between Kelce and the Chiefs and the Raiders is slated to take place on Christmas Day, which is Monday.

The game will begin at one o'clock in the afternoon. The E.T.

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