NFL The Final Word: San Francisco 49ers show they are Super Bowl favourites as Miami Dolphins take top spot in AFC

The final word on Week 13 in the NFL is with Neil Reynolds of Sky Sports, who identifies his five major takeaways, 

 player of the week, and more. The Cincinnati Bengals' In lieu of Joe Burrow, 

Zac Taylor was named Coach of the Week following his team's overtime victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In the NFL's drive for the playoffs, Week 13 was crucial because it featured some huge victories and heartbreaking defeats. 

The year's first game took place in Philadelphia, where the Eagles faced the 49ers from San Francisco.

I believe that the 49ers used Sunday as a little therapy; they had some unresolved business when they traveled to the east to play the Philadelphia Eagles.

They won 42–19, and they did it with conviction. They only managed minus-six yards in the first quarter,

 which was a rough start. However, they responded by scoring touchdowns on six consecutive drives, showcasing their strength and uniqueness.

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