NFL 2023 playoff picture, standings in Week 15: Eagles, Cowboys clinch spot; Ravens seal first AFC berth

An analysis of the postseason chances for each club as they approach the final weeks of the regular season.

The NFL playoff races are now characterized by their unpredictability and complexity, creating a memorable homestretch of the season.

As of Week 15, the AFC had 11 teams with winning records and six teams with a record of 7-6. This is the most number of winning teams for a single conference in Week 14 since 1970.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the playoff rankings, we have decided to go to a conference model instead of divisions going forward. In the next section, the tiebreakers for each team will be elucidated. 

Below is an analysis of the current rankings and the challenges that each competitor is encountering as we advance into Week 15.

The Baltimore Ravens Key information: The Ravens now have a two-game lead in the AFC North and hold the top position in the league as the No. 1 seed. If they win all their remaining games, they will secure the top position in the AFC. 

The Miami Dolphins Key information: Miami started Week 15 as the second-ranked team in the AFC and will maintain that position due to the Ravens' victory on Sunday night. If the Dolphins win all their remaining games, including the one against the Ravens in Week 17, they will secure the top seed in the playoffs. 

The Kansas City Chiefs Key information: Following their victory against the Patriots, the Chiefs currently hold a two-game lead over the Broncos in the AFC West. The team is now ranked as the third seed, behind the Ravens by two games for the first place position.  

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