NFC First-Round Bye scenarios: 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, and Lions heading to the first round of the playoffs

With four weeks left in the regular season, the competition for the NFC's top seed is still fierce, and Week 14 brought even more chaos to the proceedings.

With their victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys upended the NFC playoff landscape, pushing the San Francisco 49ers into the top spot and ensuring an exciting final month.

Let's look at the probable NFC No. 1 seed scenarios for Week 15 of NFL action using PFN's free NFL Playoff Predictor. 

Is the 49ers' bye already secured? What position do the Cowboys and Eagles hold? And does anyone even bring up the Detroit Lions?

Please take note that this article was first published on December 16—prior to the start of Sunday's games.

 The standings for the games this week are listed below, and they will be updated all day long.

After Sunday's afternoon games, the San Francisco 49ers remain the top seed in the NFC. This is how the race appears.

For more information on the competition for the NFC's first-round playoff bye going into Sunday of Week 15, continue reading below. 

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