Nail Polish Colors for Summer That Will Help You Get Over Your Manicure Rut

Come along for Main Squeeze, TZR editors' cherished beauty product series that brightens our week a bit, whether it's with daring, practical, or just plain entertaining items. Team TZR highlights their current top summer nail color choices up top. 

"I'm stockpiling my favorite brands of nail polish because I'm now going through a major red nail phase. The brush on Chanel's Longwear Nail Color makes application easy and mess-free, and the color does not chip for a long time.  

"I've given up trying to do my own nails and let the pros handle it, so I'm asking for this playful lavender tint that seems really in line with the season at my next mani-pedi session. When I wear my black two-piece skirt sets and white summer dresses, it will provide a lovely splash of color.  

"They say summer is for bright colors, and while I do love a bright fuchsia or juicy orange, this muted mustard color seems more appropriate for my summertime mood.  

"I just feel like Daisy is synonymous with the season, so I'm just as happy to pull it out in the summer as I am the Christmas tree in the winter. The multicolored flecks feature larger flower-shaped sequins scattered throughout for a sense of florals, 

and every popular shade—slime green being a favorite—whipped together. This polish, which is a JINsoon trademark, may be my all-time favorite.  

"Coming summer, I'm extremely partial to blazing red nails because they're timeless, go with everything, and have a subtly seductive appearance. Many times at my neighborhood salon,  

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