Nail it: 10 easy and colourful nail art perfect for Christmas  

Create candy cane-inspired nails by painting alternating red and white stripes. Use thin nail striping tape or a nail art brush to achieve clean lines. This classic design adds a touch of sweetness to your festive look. 

Candy Cane Stripes:

Start with a red or green base and create a gradient effect using glitter polish. Apply the glitter from the tips or cuticle area, gradually fading it toward the center for a sparkling and glamorous Christmas vibe. 

Holiday Glitter Gradient:

Embrace the winter wonderland by painting delicate snowflakes on a light blue or white base. Use a fine nail art brush or stamping plates to create intricate snowflake patterns, adding a touch of elegance to your nails. 

Festive Snowflakes:

Paint red or green nails and add tiny holly berries and leaves using nail art brushes or dotting tools. These cute and festive details bring a cheerful holiday spirit to your manicure. 

Holly Jolly Berries:

Choose one nail on each hand to feature Santa's iconic red hat. Paint the nail red and add a white strip for the hat's fur trim. Then, create a small white pom-pom on top for an adorable accent nail. 

Santa's Hat Accent:

Create colorful string lights across your nails using various nail polish shades. Paint thin lines to represent the strings and add small dots in different colors to mimic glowing Christmas lights. 

Christmas Lights:

Celebrate the sweetness of the season with gingerbread man nail art. Paint gingerbread men on a brown base and add colorful icing details using nail art brushes for a playful and delightful look. 

Gingerbread Mania:

Channel the cozy Christmas vibes with plaid-inspired nail art. Use red, green, and white nail polish to create a classic plaid design with intersecting lines and squares for a warm and traditional style. 

Festive Plaid Patterns:

Emulate the coziness of a holiday sweater with sweater-inspired nail art. Paint knitted patterns or Fair Isle designs using red, green, and white polish to capture the festive and snug feel. 

Holiday Sweater Nails:

Feature Rudolph on your nails by painting a cute reindeer face on one or more nails. Use brown for the reindeer's head, red for the nose, and white for the antlers, adding googly eyes for a playful touch. 

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer:

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