Modern gem: Art Deco interior design

The Gatsby, nestled in Delhi, harmoniously blends Art Deco opulence with modern design principles for a tranquil city haven. 

Dark, rich hues dominate the interior, emphasizing spatial fluidity and visual continuity, breaking away from rigid norms. 

The façade's curvilinear design and green elements create a pleasant microenvironment, departing from the neighborhood's rigid lines. 

The stilt level serves as the rustic entry point, featuring a home office, servant’s quarters, and a staircase guiding visitors to the living room. 

The kitchen fosters a visual connection with an elevated counter, while bold prints in the dining area embrace contemporary Art Deco design. 

The staircase, a lavish design statement, ascends against a bold blue wall, with gold-finished railings creating a visual feast. 

The second level houses the master and daughter’s bedrooms, showcasing Art Deco-inspired designs and vibrant pink elements, respectively. 

The top floor functions as an independent unit with a stylish pantry and living area, embodying the Gatsby project's fusion of comfort and luxury. 

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