Mike McDaniel Makes One Thing Clear With Tyreek Hill's Injury

It is still unknown whether or not Tyreek Hill will be able to play for the Miami Dolphins this weekend.

An ankle injury was sustained by the star wide receiver during the game against the Tennessee Titans that took place on Monday night. The practice on Wednesday was skipped by him.

Mike McDaniel, the head coach of the Dolphins, stated on Thursday that he does not intend to get Hill back into action before he is completely ready.

McDaniel was quoted as saying, "He's such an important part of our team that we're going to make sure that when he's on

the field, he's not at risk of further injury to himself," as reported by Daniel Oyefusi of the Miami Herald.

The top-rated offense in the National Football League has been fueled by Hill's 97 receptions, 1,542 yards, and 12 touchdowns so far this season. 

 Despite the fact that the 29-year-old is a candidate for the Most Valuable Player award and is working toward the league's first season with 2,000 yards receiving, 

any missed time could derail those goals.Nevertheless, Hill and the Dolphins need to take into consideration their targets for the long term. 

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