Michael Irvin rips Sean Payton for berating Russell Wilson: ‘Never seen you do that to Drew Brees!’

This season, the Denver Broncos' Sean Payton-Russell Wilson relationship has been as rocky as the Rocky Mountains. Saturday night was yet another example of this.

Denver's offense has been mediocre this season, but Payton took issue with a botched touchdown effort late in the third quarter of the team's loss to the Detroit Lions

Payton went after Wilson when he walked off the field and berated the former Super Bowl champion like he was a high school football player who missed practice.

On Monday's Undisputed on FS1, Michael Irvin chastised Payton for berating Wilson, questioning whether the head coach is appropriate for today's NFL.

When Bill Parcells did it, it came on the news at 11pm and it was gone!" Skip Bayless,

Keyshawn Johnson, and Richard Sherman were instructed by Irvin. "You weren't subjected to that every day.

This is the age of social media! Russell Wilson, his family, and his wife are going to see this on social media every day. Why would you cause such a commotion?

"When we ask coaches, 'Are you ready to coach in this era?' this is what we mean." Because players aren't going to have it.

And being berated like that isn't going to stay forever on social media."

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