Meet Christmas Dad, the most difficult person on the planet to purchase for.

Waterstones Dad had a brief but scorching period in the sun earlier this year. Gavin Jacobson's New Statesman definition alluded to a very specific type of man 

centrist, politically non-partisan, misses Jeremy Paxman - whose principal personality attribute is created by the type of literature he reads.

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, How to Be Right by James O'Brien, Why Politics Fails by Ben Ansell, and Dominion: 

The Making of the Western Mind by Tom Holland are among the books in his collection. 

It should come as no surprise that Waterstones Dad avoids fiction like the plague as a middle-aged man.

I have a few concerns with the concept of Waterstones Dad, not the least of which is the snide reference to Waterstones, a bookshop I like and will defend to the death. 

The main difficulty, however, is that unless you live in a minuscule media bubble consisting of centrist floating voters 

I spend a lot of time in Waterstones, and the only parents I see there are incredibly tired-looking men huffing "We're here to buy books, not toys" and "You've already got all the Bunny vs Monkey books." 

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