Peyton Manning slammed Adam Schefter and Kevin Hart before ManningCast began.

Peyton Manning shaded before the ManningCast. Due to Geno Smith's injury, Peyton and Eli Manning told ESPN's Scott Van Pelt that the Seattle Seahawks hadn't picked a starter for Monday night's home game against the Philadelphia Eagles 

Manning slammed ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter for not knowing if Smith or Lock would start for Seattle. 

He also mocked Schefter's ego by not knowing the starting quarterback. 

He made a quick joke at Kevin Hart after he rejected to discuss his Eagles on ManningCast again.  

Peyton, hurt! Peyton Manning is in late-season form, hurling insults on television. 

If this is like the last few ManningCasts, we'll be entertained. Carroll's timeout lost the Seahawks 7 yards, confounding supporters. 

ManningCast host Peyton Manning and Case Keenum joked about Kevin Hart. 

Clippers' James Harden made snow angels after 4 straight 3-pointers. 

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