Lighting director Randy Travis gets honored for police believing wife was shot dead for infidelity.

Randy Travis is thinking back on a cherished crew member who passed away.

Authorities say that at their Nashville home, Thomas Roberts, 68, a lightning specialist, was found shot to death by his wife,  

Christine Ann Roberts, 72. The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department verified in a press release dated July 11 that he passed ,

away from a single gunshot wound to the chest while sitting on their front porch. According to the officers,  

Christine claimed she shot her husband for supposedly cheating on her.The Grammy winner paid tribute to the stagehand's legacy not long after he passed away. 

He posted on Facebook on July 10th, saying, "With Thom Roberts' passing, the stage has gone dim." 

"For many years, the Randy Travis band and crew had the opportunity to share the winding roads  ,

and the beautiful venues with one of the very best stage lighting technicians in the business."

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