Kyle Shanahan Addresses Major Issue for 49er

Head coach John Harbaugh recognizes quarterback Lamar Jackson's importance to the Baltimore Ravens.

Harbaugh, on the other hand, is unconcerned with the odds. He's seen the Ravens with and without Jackson.

 Lamar is on his sixth year with the team. The Ravens are 56-19 with Jackson as their starting quarterback.

Jackson repeatedly broke the back of the Jaguars' defense with not only his arm but also his legs in the game against them. 

He only had 171 throwing yards, but he added 97 important rushing yards to help the Jaguars win

Jackson came up with a critical throw or run whenever the squad was in a critical down-and-distance situation.

One of the most remarkable passes involved Jackson scrambling out of a sack and sending a bomb downfield to tight end Isaiah Likely while being tackled. 

Harbaugh addressed the media on Monday, December 18, and described Jackson as "an A+ leader.... He's been the guys' bond."

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