Ken Jennings on Mayim Bialik's departure and 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' The host method

– Ken Jennings, the winningest contestant in Jeopardy! history, is now the full-time host of the syndicated show, taking over from Alex Trebek after his death in 2020.

– Mayim Bialik was initially named co-host, but on Dec. 15, she announced her departure from hosting the syndicated edition.

– Jennings expressed surprise at Bialik's decision, stating that he loved working with her and will miss her on the show.

– Despite the unexpected change, Jennings is grateful for the opportunity to host Jeopardy! and considers himself a fan of the show.

– He acknowledges the challenge of filling Alex Trebek's shoes and appreciates the honor of being considered for the hosting role as a non-broadcaster.

– Jennings reflects on the unique experience of bringing back a former contestant as the host and acknowledges his learning curve in the role.

– He fondly recalls growing up with Jeopardy! and emphasizes the impact of Alex Trebek, who was the host for almost 38 years.

– Jennings expresses hope for a long tenure as the host, looking forward to continuing the legacy of Jeopardy! for many more years.

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