Judge sequesters young hacker who leaked GTA 6 footage until doctors clear him.

– UK judge sentences Arion Kurtaj, 18, to indefinite stay in secure hospital for hacking Rockstar Games and other tech companies, including Uber and Nvidia.

– Kurtaj, deemed unfit for trial due to severe autism, posed a high risk to the public with skills and desire for cybercrime.

– Arrested in January 2022, released on bail, and re-arrested in March 2022 while under house arrest at a Travelodge motel.

– Used an Amazon Fire TV Stick to hack Rockstar Games, accessing Slack channels and threatening to release source code if not contacted within 24 hours.

– Lapsus$ hacking group, including Kurtaj, caused nearly $10 million in combined losses for Uber, Nvidia, and Rockstar Games.

– Prosecutors presented evidence of Kurtaj's violence in custody and reports of injury or property damage.

– Mental health assessment revealed Kurtaj's continued intent to return to cybercrime, expressing high motivation.

– City of London Police warns of the dangers for young people exploring technology online, emphasizing the serious consequences for their future.

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