John Wick's Perfect Keanu Reeves Replacement IS Announced

The John Wick franchise may not have Keanu Reeves in it for long, but the ideal replacement has already been revealed. 

Reeves is a fantastic fit for the Rainbow Six franchise because of his action film talent and his success with John Wick. 

Reeves would be better off joining Rainbow Six than doing John Wick 5, given the latter offers a new beginning and possible avenues for Tom Clancy spinoffs. 

Although Keanu Reeves's involvement in the John Wick trilogy is uncertain, 

the ideal action movie star has already been revealed to take his place. The actor's current comeback is largely due to the critical praise of the John Wick films,  

which launched a lucrative series that keeps him in the public eye. 

But the conclusion of John Wick: Chapter 4 raised serious doubts about Keanu Reeves' potential return for additional sequels. 

In the film's climax, John Wick appeared to be killed off, which came as a surprise. Should the death persist,

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