Jamie Foxx's most recent film is currently the most watched movie on streaming services.

The newest hit on the streaming service scene is unquestionably "The Burial," a masterpiece. 

Of a film directed by the gifted Maggie Betts and co-written by Betts and acclaimed screenwriter Doug Wright. 

This gripping story is not simply another standard production; it is based on actual events, providing the audience with an engaging and thought-provoking experience.  

The star power of none other than the talented actor Jamie Foxx puts the icing on this cinematic treat. 

The mid-1990s-set "The Burial" takes us back to 1995, a crucial year where the stage is prepared for an exciting legal fight.  

The film's central narrative centers on the remarkable true story of lawyer Willie E. Gary, who plays a crucial part in helping the financially troubled owner . 

Of a funeral parlor, Jeremiah Joseph O'Keefe, take on the powerful Loewen Group, a corporate goliath. 

The fact that Gary prevails in court and receives a whopping $500 million in compensation against all odds makes this story even more compelling. 

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