Jameson Williams Reflects on Suspension, Ready to Win 

After serving his sentence, Jameson Williams is now available to resume the Detroit Lions' winning ways.  

Although it was difficult, the second-year receiver's time away from his teammates and the team's Allen Park practice facility allowed him to get ready for his return.  

Williams claimed that the Lions' season-opening game against Kansas City on September 7 was the toughest day of his suspension.  

During his time away from the team, the wide receiver developed a routine that included two workouts and 100 catches every day on the JUGS machine.  

He claimed that on the first day of the 2023 Lions season, he went about his daily routine as he normally would on a game day.  

He was then made to watch as his comrades onto the field wearing all-white attire without him.  

"I actually didn't do anything. Williams declared, "I would say that I prepared as if I were playing.  

In only some hours one of the excellent rivalry games in college football will kick off from Texas.

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