Ja Morant suspension: Grizzlies’ plans for NBA title chase takes a hit

The Memphis Grizzlies, a franchise with high hopes pinned on the prowess of Ja Morant, 

find themselves in a precarious situation following Morant's suspension. The team's aspirations for a championship run are heavily reliant 

on Morant's contributions, making his absence a significant blow to their plans for the upcoming season. 

With the NBA's decision to suspend Morant for the first 25 games, the Grizzlies face a challenging start to their season.  

This suspension comes as no shock to many, considering the franchise has grappled with both off-court controversies and on-court issues involving its players. 

The timeline for Morant's return was a hot topic among Grizzlies fans throughout the season. 

Amidst the speculation, an Instagram user by the handle "shotbynie" posted a hype video featuring Ja Morant,  

hinting at a potential return date of December 21st. This date sparked anticipation among fans, eagerly awaiting Morant's comeback. 

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