Ja Morant says 25-game suspension has'some difficult days'

Tennessee's Memphis The standout player for the Memphis Grizzlies, Ja Morant, expressed regret for the team's troubles without him and gratitude for the support he received during his 25-game suspension a few days before he made his season debut.

Taking away basketball made things more difficult for Morant, who claimed that the game has been his therapy throughout his life. 

Since NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced Morant's second suspension in as many months in mid-June, he attributed his recovery to his friends, family, the Grizzlies, and other people as well as counseling.

For the first time since the conclusion of the previous season, Morant talked to the media on Friday. 

"It was definitely tough, some horrible days," he remarked. It was difficult, but as I already mentioned, having the support I did at the beginning of the process really helped me. 

At the moment, it was pretty much all I had to rely on. I have, of course, played basketball for the majority of my life. 

Something that helps me heal. It becomes more difficult when it is removed, obviously. 

However, I was surrounded by supportive individuals, including my family, the organization, and other partners that assisted me in the process."

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