Ja Morant Confirms Return From Suspension Date

"When is Ja Morant coming back?" is the main query that has been bothering every Memphis Grizzlies supporter this season.

 Ja Morant appears to have ruined that for himself.

The date December 21st was written on a hype video of Ja Morant that Instagram user "shotbynie" posted.

posted. It was intended to pique fans' interest in a possible December 21st return for Ja Morant. 

December 19 is the official date on which Ja Morant could be allowed to return from his suspension.

Whether Morant truly made a comeback on that day or if it was merely a benchmark remained to be seen. 

 It appears from his comment that that will be the real date of his return, barring any further comments from the Grizzlies staff.

Ja Morant's return is critically needed by the Memphis Grizzlies. The team has struggled all season with injuries, even without Ja. 

The outcome is that the team, which was previously able to succeed without Ja Morant, is now 5-14 without him. 

But Memphis still has a chance; the team is just four games out of a play-in position. Still,

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