Is crypto really the way to fix our building issues?

Want to improve your deposit-saving game with cryptocurrency? Know this:

There was a time when we put as much as we could into a savings account every month to save for a down payment.

We looked for an account with the best interest rate and, if possible, an Isa for the tax breaks.

At least some people in the bitcoin market say those times are long gone. 

Even though or maybe because of the crazy swings in this unregulated world, 1.2 million people under 34 have already put money into investments. 

According to data from cryptocurrency exchange Luno, saving for a down payment on a house is the main reason for almost half of those who usually invest or are ready to do so.

Crypto supporters are quick to point out that most investors are smart and only put small amounts of their investable money into digital assets that aren't controlled and aren't backed by governments right now.

"Our research makes it clear that young people know cryptocurrencies aren't just ways to get rich quick," says Luno's country manager for northern Europe, Sam Kopelman.

"They already know what the risks are and how volatile things are." 

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