Is Christmas Eve 2023 a federal holiday in the United states?

Over the decades, the US has added more holidays, and every free day is a benefit around the holidays.

Who knows how many US federal holidays there are? Correct, there are 11. Well done!

The US government acknowledges these 11 days (see 5 U.S.C. 6103 for details), and I'll discuss a few of them below.

 This list includes Christmas Day, but not Christmas Eve. Check the federal eleven.Christmas Eve varies by state

“What does a federal day mean, anyway?” I hear you ask. In practice, all non-essential government employees are given these days off and most government offices are closed. 

 Federal employees who frequently work on federal holidays receive compensated time off.

However, ‘essential’ workers earn premium pay, while military members receive a set annual salary.

State and private company holidays are optional. Still, most do!

However, Christmas Eve, December 24, is odd. Your local customs will determine whether you work today. Some will take part of the day off, while others plan a complete holiday.

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