Inside Yellowstone’s Behind-the-Scenes Drama: From Kevin Costner’s Exit to Legal Battle

Yellowstone, Taylor Sheridan's neo-western series, is as dramatic as they come – both on and off the screen.

Yellowstone is set in rural Montana and follows the Duttons, a multigenerational ranching family striving to preserve their way

 life while dealing with property developers, Native American reservations, and their own flesh and blood.

Since its premiere on Paramount Network in 2018, the show has received tremendous critical

 acclaim and a devoted fan following. But the drama has been just as heated behind the scenes.

Feuds, court fights, and dramatic exits have all altered the show's destiny. Kevin Costner, who plays Yellowstone patriarch John Dutton,

left the show in February 2023 to work on his multi-part Western film project Horizon: An American Saga.

According to Deadline, Sheridan's divided concentration and short filming schedule were "a source of frustration" for him

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