Influencer Recorded Husband Threats. He murdered her in front of her daughter before committing suicide.

Theresa Cachuela was shot and died with her 11-year-old daughter.

Authorities reported that a Hawaii mother's estranged husband shot and killed her in front of her 11-year-old daughter before committing himself.

Authorities claimed 33-year-old Theresa Cachuela was killed Friday at a Honolulu shopping mall, reported Hawaii News Now, Island News, and KHON2. 

 Jason Calchuela, 44, approached Theresa and her daughter on their way to the bank and shot his wife, authorities said.

Police said Jason was found dead behind a house, KHON2 reported. 

Theresa obtained a temporary restraining order against Jason weeks before the shootings, court records show.

The petition, seen by PEOPLE, states that Theresa stated Jason threatened suicide with her children present and held a knife to his neck.

According to the petition, Jason returned to her home and hid in the garage after a wellness check.

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