In a new photo, Britney Spears shows the damage to her home from the fire she started when she "burned the gym down."

Britney Spears is thinking about a small act of arson she did by chance in 2020.

The "Circus" singer posted a picture of the damage on Instagram early Tuesday morning, Dec. 19.

The picture showed a bunch of soot-covered gym equipment in and along the mirror walls, like different kinds of dumbbells,

a pair of treadmills, a stationary bike or elliptical, and some books on top of what looks like a melted speaker or storage chest.

The mirror behind all of that looked like it had melted or broken, revealing the concrete wall behind it. 

In the description, she wrote, "Thinking back to when I burned down the gym in 2020 😉🤏!!!"

CNN saw Spears talk about the event for the first time in an Instagram live in April of that year. She said, "I had two candles, and yeah, one thing led to another, and I burned it down."

The room couldn't be used for a few months, so Spears had to switch to a new routine that included weights, squats, and lunges, the news source said. 

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