In a mind-boggling illusion, just 5% of people are able to spot the chameleon hidden among the parrots.

Puzzles have been shown to be beneficial for preserving cognitive function as we age, which is just one of the many advantages of optical illusions. 

They can also serve as a great reminder that everyone has a unique perspective on the world around them and that each of us perceives things differently based on assumptions our brains make milliseconds later. 

Try your hand at the colorful brainteaser below. This mind-boggling illusion isn't quite as easy as it seems, with only a tiny 5% of people able to find the hidden chameleon in just nine seconds or less.

This puzzle is akin to the 'Where's Wally' puzzles, in which an intricately detailed, vivid image tries to divert your focus from the task at hand, which is to locate the chameleon. 

 It's quite amazing how quickly you were able to identify the lizard, and solving puzzles like this on a regular basis can help you become more adept at solving problems and recalling details.

Not only can you earn bragging rights by solving puzzles and brainteasers faster than your friends and family, but they can also be soothing and uplift your spirits.

It's known that when we solve puzzles, our brains release dopamine, which lifts our spirits and increases our motivation. Thus, there really isn't any harm in following along.

The picture below shows a number of colorful parrots sitting on branches and facing various ways. The colors of the parrots are orange, pink, red, blue, and green, which is a shade similar to that of the green leaves.

The birds are meant to catch your eye, but resist the urge to look away because there is a chameleon hidden somewhere in the picture, waiting to be discovered.

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