I'm constantly getting texts from friends at the manicure salon, so these are eight "hit" colors I recommend.

Unbelievably, before Hailey Bieber shot them to extreme fame, I was prescribing shimmering, barely-there tips.  

Having regrets after polishing is nearly impossible because the results are subtle and neutral. They've therefore turned into my go-to "I promise you won't hate it" suggestion.  

Any day of the week, I'll take brown nail polish over other well-liked neutrals like white, black, gray, navy, and beige. Don't get me wrong, I adore the aforementioned colors, but from my vantage point, a rich brown is less anticipated and therefore cooler. 

(It's also really flattering.) My pals constantly tell me they didn't realize they needed brown nail polish until I tell them they do.  

Well, so this isn't really about a particular hue, but it is a simple, enjoyable experiment that, in my experience, always works. Essentially, I advise my friends to select the color that they have never, ever asked for in the past.  

It forces them to step outside of their comfort zone, and most of the time it attracts attention in a way that makes people grin and give them compliments, which drives them crazy. Little things make a big difference in life, and attempting something new may really lift your spirits! 

Meet the most well-known taupe available; it's without a doubt one of my all-time favorite nail paint tones. (Seen above, on my middle finger!) Although everyone's definition of "taupe" is different, OPI defines this beloved shade as such, so I'll accept that.  

Really, everyone needs this incredibly attractive hue of brown-gray—dare I say somewhat purple?—in their lives. Although I've been known to defy convention and wear it in the spring and summer as well, it definitely leans more toward fall and winter.  

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