Bitcoin: Is it "Dead"? Check out Bitcoin Killing Factors By Experts

Google searches for "Bitcoin dead" have gone up a lot since June 18, 2022. 

With Google Trends, you can see how many times people look for "Bitcoin dead" keywords over time. 

Each search is given a score between 1 and 100. In terms of past years, this number is now at an All-Time High.

 Why do a lot of people start to wonder if Bitcoin is dead?

"Bitcoin is dead" means that it is worthless anymore."Bitcoin dead" means that Bitcoin is worthless anymore. We got this phrase from the term "dead coin."

A "dead coin" is a cryptocurrency that has ceased to exist or is likely to do so soon because of things like being hacked, being shown to be fake, or traders and buyers losing interest.

He communicated with lawmakers and provided financial support for efforts to influence the regulation of cryptocurrency in Washington, where he was the accepted face of cryptocurrency. 

There have been a lot of searches for "Bitcoin dead" before. The number of searches for this keyword has gone up once before, but not as much as it did last year. 

Google Trends charts show that Bitcoin is dead around the world.

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