How to Deal With: Homey things such as fake Christmas trees, candles, and fireplaces can aggravate winter allergies.

Winter allergies are something to keep in mind as the weather becomes colder and you spend more time indoors. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reports that the following are among the most often experienced winter allergy symptoms: 

Symptoms may include: • Red, itchy eyes • Congestion, congestion, or runny nose • Difficulty breathing or coughing • Difficulty sleeping "We are seeing the highest amount of respiratory issues and infections this time of year," said Dr. Adam Johnson, an emergency medicine physician at Sharp Grossmont Hospital. 

Pandemic influenza and COVID-19 are at full steam ahead. A growing number of flu cases are being seen in the office, according to Dr. Sandhu. Indoor air quality can occasionally surpass that of outdoor air, according to both doctors. 

Instead of breathing in fresh air from outside, recirculated air from inside can carry contaminants like dust and bacteria due to the repeated filtering process. Dr. Johnson advised getting outside more or replacing the air filters. Cozy indoor air pollutants, such as fireplaces and candles, might aggravate seasonal allergies.  

"The problem is if you light a candle, that wax burning can have health side effects and that smoke will linger longer than expected and it can irritate the lungs," Dr. Johnson explained. Insects and pet dander are two other sources of indoor air pollution. "Cockroaches are far more allergenic," Dr. Sandhu stated.  

Therefore, what are the suggestions of these professionals? • To alleviate air dryness, set a humidifier to 50% humidity or higher. • Stay away from carpeting the entire room. Dust mites and insects thrive in this setting.   • To eliminate dust mites, wash linens once a week in hot water. • To reduce the amount of animal dander, bathe your pets weekly at the very least.

Also, keep an eye out for fake Christmas trees this year, according to doctors. All year round, Christmas trees, ornaments, and lights are kept in dark, damp places like garages and attics, where mildew and dust may easily grow. 

Some people are allergic to the chemicals used to make fake Christmas trees. Never handle plastic or artificial trees carelessly. Dr. Johnson emphasized the importance of being cautious, alert, and healthy. 

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