How much does LSU head coach Brian Kelly make?

LSU coach Brian Kelly, one of the highest-paid in the nation, is in his second season.

In his first season, Kelly guided LSU to the SEC West title and defeated Alabama.Brian Kelly's base LSU pay is $400,000. 

However, his massive 10-year deal, which finishes in 2031, has many incentives.

 He receives a $500,000 longevity incentive every July if he stays at LSU.

His contract gave him a $1.2 million home loan and the rest of his Notre Dame buyout. 

Private school status prevents disclosure of that figure.

He also receives $1,000 monthly car allowances and 50 hours of private jet flying per year.

Kelly's supplemental pay is $8.8 million and increases by $200,000 every two seasons.

It peaks at $9.6 million in 2031. With no bonuses, his deal is worth $100,000,000.

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