How is Boxing Day observed and defined?

Prior to anything else, its appellation does not even remotely correspond to the sport of boxing. 

Instead, Boxing Day acquired its nomenclature during the reign of Queen Victoria. 

The wealthy of the Victorian era would pack away items they no longer required in order to donate them to the impoverished. 

 It was a day when employees received time off in exchange for a "special box" of treats as a token of appreciation for their labor. 

The servants would then return home and spend the 26th celebrating with their respective families, where they would also exchange the newly acquired gifts.

Additionally, the national holiday honors a nautical custom. As a symbol of good fortune, ships setting sail would carry a sealed package containing currency. 

 Their box would be given to a priest, opened on Christmas, and then distributed to the needy if their voyage was successful.

In the United Kingdom, Boxing Day is observed as a bank holiday; however, in cases where it occurs on a Saturday or Sunday, the official public holiday is proclaimed the following Monday.

Boxing Day occurs on a Tuesday this year.

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