Hannah Waddingham from Ted Lasso has landed a new TV part in an action show.

Sarah Waddingham, who played Ted Lasso, is working with Prime Video on an exciting eight-episode action show.

Variety says that Oscar winner Octavia Spencer will join her in the unnamed series. Spencer's credits include The Help, Onward, Divergent, and The Shape of Water.

They will play best friends Judith and Debbie. After a failed job, Judith's secret life as a hired gun is revealed, 

and she and her partner must run away from an unknown and relentless enemy. All the while, Debbie is trying to figure out what her best friend does for a living.

A lot of users bid on this show, and the winner was Orit Entertainment. The show is produced by Tessa Coates (Feel Good), Skydance Television, Double Dream, and Orit Entertainment.

"I'm not gonna lie, a few expletives fell out of my face at the prospect of working with the magnificent Ms Spencer,

Tessa Coates' hugely energetic, exhilarating script, Skydance and Double Dream," stated Waddingham in a statement.

"To then see the immediate excited response from a mighty beast like Amazon... It's all just incredibly exciting, and I can't wait to get our collective teeth into it."

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