"Grown Woman" Is Now a Specific Size for Streaming Platforms

Getting "Grown Woman" on streaming services was a slow process. We now know why: the song has finally matured enough to withstand the harsh streaming landscape of minimal to nonexistent revenue,  

payola claims, and the aestheticization of invented genres (what the heck is glitchcore indie pop?). Alternatively, Beyoncé probably planned to give the Beyhive a gift of the album as an anniversary present.   

To celebrate the unexpected release of her self-titled album ten years ago, she released the song digitally on December 13.   

In early 2013, "Grown Woman" made her debut in a Pepsi commercial, much to the delight of fans who were clamoring for new music from the star.  

After the unexpected release in December of that year, a minute-long video featuring its later version served as the soundtrack.   

The images feature home videos of a young Beyoncé that have been cleverly edited to make it appear as though she is singing along.  

In between the vintage footage is the adult version of the artist, decked out in a pink feather gown and a diamond tiara.  

Maybe there will be some images for Renaissance's tenth anniversary.  

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