Gorgeous Designs for Natural Nail Art

Natural nail designs are the best option if you're going for an airy yet impactful look. They provide flashes of color, texture, and design while allowing the beauty of your natural nails to show through. 

"The neutral nail designs that have been trending usually consist of complexion-matching or flattering shades like beige, white, greige, or brown—maybe with a touch of earthy shades thrown in like slate, clay, or moss," expert Rita Remark explains.  

"However, this does not mean that the patterns have to be more subdued just because the colors are. That is the reason this style is so fantastic! Without making the manicure seem overwhelming, you can experiment with graphic forms and negative space ideas." 

"I love the ombré of different nudes as the base colors,” says Fleury Rose. “We added smileys, but it would also be cute without them." 

This stunning nail features a natural base with an earth, geometric brown, and cream tip. Because the tip has a straight-across bottom instead of a rounded shape, it adds a lot of interest to the look. 

Using a colorful mix of a handful of polishes from Gucci Beauty polishes, this design leaves half of the nail natural while the other half gets the design. This keeps the look nice and airy. 

This is, undoubtedly, the simplest look on the list. It features a diagonal line in lime green down each nail, adding a bit of color to an otherwise bare look. 

Unbelievably, before Hailey Bieber shot them to extreme fame, I was prescribing shimmering, barely-there tips.  

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