‘Flying’ ship seen off Cornwall coast as rare optical illusion caught on camera

Visitors to the Cornish coast were able to watch a boat that appeared to float across the sky as a consequence of a rare optical illusion 

Following his observation of the phenomena near Coverack, photographer Martin Stroud was able to snap an image of the "flying" boat, which was caught in a remarkable optical illusion.

A statement made by Mr. Stroud was published on the Coverack Life Facebook group. He stated, "It almost looks like it's flying!" A day that would be perfect for a trip to Coverack..."

Because the water on which the boat was sailing is so motionless in the picture, it gives the impression that it has taken on the same color as the sky.

One user referred to the photograph as "an amazing shot," which contributes to the widespread acclaim that the picture has received on the local group. 

Similar occurrences have been observed in Cornwall in the past, although they have been accompanied by a variety of causes and explanations.

In the year 2017, Rosie Patterson took a photograph of what seemed to be a container that was "flying" off the coast of the neighborhood of Porthleven. 

It was explained at the time as a unique state of conditions, in which the sea in the foreground of the photograph was choppy, with waves, yet further back out to sea, 

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